Christ's Community Church
Saturday, October 20, 2018
Building up people for real life

Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Oct 14
Hernandez Kent My children, Sarah & Josseph; my grandchildren, Natalie & Carmen; my Mom & Step Dad; my brother John, My little Buddy, Mr George Watson, Mr Jack Watson and me too
Rizzuto Evelyn Pray for Mary Cassio of Palmetto Sprigs, Apt 41. She is in Carpenter House-not doing well.
Wall Elmer & Tara Moe's neck & back; Moe Moe's grades
Gibson Todd Pray for my mental & spiritual health; for my family to come to Jesus and that my land will sell.
Reine Jackie Pray for my husband to be able to get the position to teach welding at Zachary High School.
Schenk Tammy Continue to pray for Lance & Tammy's health.
Oct 7
Cotton Carolyn Please pray for the Robert May family as they lost their daughter, Kristy. She is the niece of Donna Holloway. She was hit by a drunk driver.
Jana struggling to make it with 3 kids, a husband on meth, house note behind. Please pray she will look to Jesus for what she needs at this very difficult time in her life.
Welch Tessa Pray for Bryson Dunn, Baylee Scott, June Baker, Lanie Nelson, Teresa Bankston, Kathy Webb, Teddy Bale, all marriages to be strengthened, all struggling with addictions, depression, abuse or divorce, military, police officers, 1st responders, Officer Nick Tullier, Dale Nettles, newborns in NICU, all missing children, kids to feel loved, victims of human trafficking, victims of natural causes, my witness, all missing loved ones, H.E., B.B, R.T., S.D.
Riggins Elaine Pray for Richardson family in the loss of their Dad October4, 2018 Mike Richardson
Freeman Tammy Please continue to pray for my marriage, my husband, David and my daughters & sons April, Amber, Cory, Dustin and Logan
Galloway Jennifer Pray for Jennifer financial opportunities during school hours, for Maurice, Dalton & Daelynn come back to church and God.
Clayton Mary My cousin Ann Brumfield had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. Had 3 stents put in Sunday night. Doing well but started smoking again and really needs to stop. God is her only home.
Gibson Todd Please pray for my family to be restored to Jesus, my mental, physical and spiritual health and that my land will sell.
Barker William & Rebecca Please pray for our daughter and grandson to be returned home with us on the 11th.
Hernandez Kent My children, my grandchildren, my mom, my stepdad, my brother, John, my little Buddy, Mr. George Watson, Jack Watson, all of my family and friends and me too.
Easley Ken Please pray for Kenny Craig he had to have his jaw and tongue reconstructed after having the cancer removed from his mouth and neck. He will be in the hospital for awhile then has a long recovery ahead of him. His recovery, though in its infancy is exceeding all expectations. He has months or treatments and therapies ahead of him. Only God can be given credit for his current recovery process!