Christ's Community Church
Monday, December 10, 2018
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Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Dec 2
Hernandez Kent My children: Sarah & Joseph, my grandchildren: Nellie & Carmen, my Mom, My little Buddy, Mr. George Watson, his Brother Mr. Jack Watson, My Step Dad, David Whittington, My brother, John, My Stepbrother, John David and me too!
Breland Darlene Total Thyroidectomy Wednesday, December 5th 7:00 AM
Laurent Judy My family and marriage is falling apart and I just pray that God will lead us to a place of peace and strength to get through this.
Lear Angela Please prayer for my sister, Debbie Craven, she just found out she has kidney cancer and that it is in some lymph nodes - about to start chemo/radiation.
Roy Mike My father has been in the hospital for 4 weeks. Pray that God will send someone that can speak to him about Christ
Weaver Trudy Prayer needed for my son Chad. He is still having seizures. The doctors are working to try and get his medicine regulated. He is just having a rough time - cannot work or drive. Pray that his wife Brittany can find a job soon.
Billiot Pauline Pray for Mark & Peggy still need prayer for their health. We need someone to go to them and pray for their healing. Always call before you go (504) 481-1047; pray for my brother, Robert Fitzgerald - he is having kidney problems and has to go to the hospital to break up the stones; His wife, Penny is at Promise hospital for rehab.
Rizzuto Evelyn Pray for Stanley Billiot, Jr having difficulty making his mortgage; pray for everyone at Palmetto Springs Apts health issues. Also pray for Priscilla Billiot and family financial and job issues. Dee is working but behind again.
Benton Gary That I make it through this world in peace.
Cooper Bernice Prayer request: Cars for Stephen & Nick - I am looking for two.
Hebert Cheryl Praise Report! My son's mother-in-law and my neighbor had a cancer free God report!; pray for my mom 83years old ha rash over entire body.
Schenk Tammy Prayer for Lance & Tammy
Nov 25
Clark Jane Please continue praying for Brandon. Several appointments this week, pray for his mood to be uplifted as he as been down. And for us his family!
Burns Jane Pray for complete healing of my knee and for Cond's brain tumor to shrink and symptoms to go away.
My mom, my children: Sarah & Carmen, my stepson, David; my brother, John, my stepbrother, John David, my little Buddy, Mr. George Watson, his brother, Mr. Jack Watson and me too!
Rizzuto Evelyn Pray for Yvonne Givens, pray for feeling better in apt 20 at Palmetto Springs Apts; Janice in Apt 46 is in the hospital again; Arlene Basso she is in Golden Age after her 2nd surgery; Chad Penny - he's been depressed can't drive, unable to work due to seizures and blackouts. He needs someone to visit him (he lives by Trudy Weaver)
Puryear Sabrina Continued prayer for Norma Phelps diagnosed with cancer; for Wings and the women going through the holidays, difficult time of year.
Webb Kathy I have my 3 month scan on December 3rd. Please pray for more shrinkage "God's Got This!"
Ocmond Gabby Restoration for the relationship with my youngest son Hunter David.
Johnson Debbie Knee replacement surgery 12/12