Christ's Community Church
Monday, November 20, 2017
Building up people for real life

Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Nov 19
Sibley Rachelle Darren Sibley

Welch Tessa Praise - Lance Nelson is cancer-free!; Wisdom and peace as I am scaling back with my 2nd job b/c it is too much on me. I may not work much after Christmas. Praise Adam is well thank your for your prayers; Baylee Scott healing.
Billiot Pauline Pray for my friend, Dianne Coyle - she has a mass on her brain and had a bad fall and hurt her back; pray for Mark & Peggy still having a rough time keeping up with his bills and keeping food in his house. Mark is still trying to take care of Peggy; pray for my brother, Bobby Fitzgerald and his wife - still trying to get back into their house.
Cooper Bernice Praise the Lord I got the new job! Pray that son's truck gets fixed and son Stephan Cooper finds a job.
Tate Ryan To stay sober and clean and to build a bigger, better and stronger relationship with my father and my son.
Tate Braylie Pray for my sister Beaux - in hospital with an infection.
Collins Eric Pray for my mom's family - my granny, Dorthy Clem, is in a nursing home and my uncle, Randy Clem has been sent home with hospice.
Lewis Jim Pray for Texas, my family, Pastor's family, Country, President, Troops and those suffering with addictions.
Ambielli Cheryl Please pray for our friend Rose, diagnosed last night with blood cancer. She is in OLOL.
Williamson Lindsey My daughter & my Mom.
Johnston Julie, Jon & Zac Please pray for a friend, Samantha, God knows the details.
Daigrepont Rebecca Please pray for my friend, David Bache
Tate Erica Joe Lee, please pray for him and his wife, Nicky. He's just been diagnosed with kidney cancer, he's also battling hydrocephalus. She has leukemia. Carol Bernard -she's been having strokes.
Nov 12
Moore Katie I was getting ready for church this morning when I got a call from my best friend saying that her Dad suffered two heart attacks this morning. I would be so appreciative for prayers for Mr. Steve. He’s an incredible man and father, and he loves God and his family more than anything. Thank you SO much!
Hebert Kadence Please pray for my grandmother who has kidney cancer.
Johnson Debbie Still having back pain
Clayton Mary Judy Brown, Friend - Breast Cancer; Denise Clayton Sexson - gall bladder surgery and finalization of adoption, 3 yr. old Matthew.
Daigrepoint Rebecca Please pray for my friend David Bache. He is going through a difficult divorce. He is a Christian but struggles with alcoholism. I have been trying to encourage him. Pray for me to know how to draw him closer to the Lord.
Johnston Jon & Julie Please pry for my friend, Samantha. God knows the details.
Lewis Jim Pray for Country, Pastor, Armed Forces, & Storm Victims

Amanda & Jeremy Jeremy lost his job and we are waiting to hear from a potential employer.
Granger Bo & Karlie We love this church and are glad to be members.