Christ's Community Church
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Building up people for real life

New to CCC

In 1996 three families were impressed by God to begin organizing a new Church. Arlon and Beverly Bardwell, David and Cyndy Branton, and Mike and Janet Smith were given a dream that soon became a reality.  Meeting first in the Bardwell's home, Christ's Community Church became a living organism, calling Don Tuttleton to be her first pastor. Rapidly outgrowing the home, we moved to the Denham Springs High School Cafeteria.
In 1999, we once again moved - this time to the Oddfellows Lodge.  Once again we outgrew the available space  and moved again in 2002 - this time to Skate Heaven.  In 2008, we were able to move once again - this time to Denham Springs Junior High School Cafeteria.  Brother Don retired as pastor during the Summer of 2008, and the church called Willis Easley to be Pastor.  In June, 2009, we moved into the building next to the Denham Springs Library-- at the corner of Eden Church Road and Florida Blvd. 
On August 3, 2014, we began meeting in our new permanent home at 26574 Juban Road.