Christ's Community Church
Friday, April 19, 2019
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Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Apr 14
Hernandez Kent My mother, my little buddy, Mr. George Watson, His brother, Mr. Jack, my neighbor Mr. Jimmy Mills, Shirley & David Hughes, my best friend, Todd Gibson, my brother John, my stepdad, David Whittington, my step brother, John David, My Children: Sara & Joseph; my grandchildren: Natalie and Carmen and for me too, Thank you all very, very much.
Rizzuto Evelyn Pray for my sister Trudy Weaver, she's been ill with severe bladder pain. Going to the doctor Monday, April 15th.
Burns Patricia Prayers for children of addicted parents: Braydon, Alexis, Zachary, Kailye, Dylan.
Puryear Sabrina Praise Report! Mom, Norma, is cancer free! Thanks you and God bless you for your prayers.
Welch Tessa Katie K. Joseph, Lance, Leila, Bryson, Elijah, Nick Tullier, Shannon Spence, Randy's eyes, David Branton, all struggling with depression, addictions, abuse of divorce, Rebecca T, Mulder Family, military, police officers, 1st responders and missing kids.
Collins Nadia Please pray for me, I'm tired of the pain and all my fears.
Dunn Bryson My brother Nicolie
Case Marilyn My grandson has a viral infection causing sores in his am pts, side and knees. His immune system has been ignoring it so doctor gave him a cream that opens up sores and scabs calling attn to the immune system.
Johnson Brandon Pray peace over Wyndell Johnson after losing mom & dad and pray that he starts coming to church with me.
Brown Christi I got off track and didn't come to church as much as I should have, but today I told the devil to get off my shoulder and I am so glad I did, Pastor Algernon was direct and great! I am so happy to be back.
Bailey Alice Pray for Jennie Bailey, we haven't heard from her in years. Just want to know she is OK.
Thoms Rebecca Pray for my family please. My boys are not doing well in school and I am looking to get them into counseling so they can process this divorce better. Their grades are being affected and their attitudes as well. Pray that I can give them everything that they need as their momma.
Singleton Becky My mom needs prayer. Jane Stanley. Cardiac patient. Needs valve replacement. Having tests done and is very scared.
My mom keeps going in and out of the hospital and they can’t seem to figure out why her numbers keep going up. Please pray she gets better soon.
Schenk Tammy Pray that my dad feels better, dad is in the hospital