Christ's Community Church
Sunday, June 24, 2018
Building up people for real life

Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Jun 17
Smith Paige & Eddie Our family has been separated. Please pray for reunification in God's time.
Fogleman Cathy Pray for my husband Phillip and friend Tiffany. He lost his best friend and Tiffany lost her boyfriend in a motorcycle wreck.
Kirk Chris & Crystal My family and I have been attending since before mother's day. We prayed for financial stability through employment. Started at a good stable job last Friday. God is Good.
Umberger Chris & Brandilyn Pray that God will help us make it through hard times.
Hernandez Kent My whole family, my little Buddy, Mr. George Watson and me too!
Vullo Tammy Pray for me as I have kidney failure on dialysis 3 times a week and having trouble taking food.
Easley Marsha Prayer of thanks. I requested prayer for my 3 grandchildren Dreagen Cody & Hunter Bethel. Cody and I both are doing much better complete turn around!!! Continue to keep Dreagen and Hunter in your prayers please.
Bankston Teresa Neurologist still trying to figure out why I have muscle deterioration in both arms & legs. Daily functions are becoming difficult. Pray for answers & strength to my
Johnston Julie Thank you for praying Zac Johnston especially the past 3 years of illness. He is well and strong!
Welch Tessa Bryson Dunn, June Baker, Baylee Scott, Lance Nelson, all sick kids & their families. Dunn Family, military, orphans, homeless, victims of human trafficking, our country, police officers, our church, all struggling with addictions, depression, abuse or divorces, marriages to be strengthened, Ronnie's work, Youth going to camp, safe travel and an awesome experience!
Hale Amber Pray this second job I got helps me get everything together and I get bills paid and we will be able to go see by grandmother in Tennessee. Please pray for her as she fell a couple of months ago and broke her hip and now has had a heart attack and had stents put in.
Tate Tami Appreciate prayers for my cousin Alex. Alex’s new baby girl born Monday has major heart defect - left side didn’t develop. Major Surgery tomorrow to try to reroute blood flow. If successful more surgeries to come as she grows."
Lovett Kelli Please pray for a family friend - Nancy Kelly. She recently underwent a 16 hour surgery on her jaw as a treatment for cancer. She is healing, but she is also struggling with her new reality. Please lift her up in prayer in the upcoming weeks as she progresses through this time.
Pray for my cousin Sarah
June 10
Brison Justin Pray that my sister, Savannah and my nephew, Matt that they can figure something out to make rent and keep there house.
Penney Chad I lost my job the other day and I really need prayer. I just want to proide for my family.
Verrett Melissa Jane and Brandon need prayers. Brandon is on 4th round of chemo. Pray for healing and for Jane to get some rest.
Hernandez Kent My Mom, my Brother, my whole family and my little buddy & Mr George Watson
Prayer for my grandchilren Dreagen, Cody, & Hunter Bethel. Their family is being fractured and they are going through a really bad time.
Hall Melissa "Continued prayer on physical symptoms that could be indicators of either hormonal imbalance of sorts; possibly related to adrenal gland issues whether adrenal fatigue or otherwise..... but waiting on results of further blood work testing."
Lovett Kelli "A friend is undergoing bypass surgery and needs prayer during recovery.
Also, a coworker (Dominic) is struggling with depression and needs prayer.