Christ's Community Church
Thursday, August 24, 2017
Building up people for real life

Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Aug 20
Bennett Lynda Please keep me in your prayers, I am having surgery Thursday as outpatient removing a growth from my arm.
Lewis Jim Pray for my health, my kids, our armed forces & President, & Pastor & Family
Hale Adrianna Pray for my mom and my gramma & my pawpaw Jeff.
Rizzuto Evelyn Update for Emmet from kidney surgery. He's home doing well recovering, but needs a double bed.
Welch Tessa Lance Nelson, my walk-to balance my busy schedule and put God first in all things; police officers & 1st responders protection; our military; our country; political leaders; guidance with anger at boy's behavior in church.
Billiot Pauline Prayer for my brother in lay Johnny Dalon - he has stomach cancer he is home now but needs prayer for for healing his broken body and peace as God heals his body; pray for Evelyn not feeling good this morning; for Trudy still has a lot of pain in her back; prayer for our family - we need a lot of healing.
Thompson Justin Vikki Pulley and Waylon Gordon
Please be in prayer for Flaira Risher as she is very upset about her daughter and family moving to Ohio.
Mulkey Sharon Please pray that I can find a job.
Junker Carla I'm asking for many , many prayers. I'm in a dark place in my life, and can't seem to come out of it. I feel like I'm drowning. I haven't been to Church in a while and I need a hand to bring me back. I'm lost an feel alone. I know God is always with me otherwise I would have drown by now. Thank you
Aug 13
Cooper Bernice Full-time job so I can stay home more - interview this weeik.
Billiot Pauline Pray for Mark & Peggy still in need of lots of prayer for healing.
Thomassie Alysia Pray that Mary starts sleeping by herself and realizes she doesn't need to be right by me all the time.
Smith Yvette My sister, Luie has been diagnosed with Hashimotos, celiac,and fibromyalgia. She is 40.
Watkins Michelle Thank you so much for all you have done for my family & so many others. Y'all gave so much it was overwhelming. I actually just found some gift cards that came from someone from the church. I was able to pay forward to a widow with 3 kids - her husband had no life insurance. God's work!
Sibley Rachelle Darren Sibley, promotional opportunity @ work; conflict at my office; Dreagen going back to school and his vehicle situation.
Passman Jennifer Jeremy Johnson 33 - stomach & testicular cancer - has had surgery -God's provision to the family - food & $
Unknown Sabrina Ezekiel was obedient to God's insturction no matter how crazy it was - prophesyt to dry bones. I ask that you pray, I obey God's will/call for me, no matter how crazy it seems. God's will be done & it will be well with my soul
Cotton, Jr Mike Pray for healing of my niece Whitney Cotton and for peace and comfort for her young daughter Aubrey. Also for Whitney's brother and sister, Jory and Maddie Thomas. As well as the rest of the family.
Tate Erica My son, Dalton, as he starts college this Tuesday. He'll be commuting to Southeastern, and just started to learn how to drive. He also did not want to register with the college's Office of Disabilities to use any inclusions that he had in public school. He was diagnosed (through LPSB) with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, etc. He wanted to see if he could do this without help. I know he can overcome this through the Holy Spirit and prayer.
Pierron Shannon "Pray as we prepare to take Alex to Houston for consult for foot surgery. Mackenzie-unspoken; Shannon-still recovering from back surgery with complications. "