Christ's Community Church
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Building up people for real life

Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Sep 16
Roy Mike Praise Report! My son has been free fro alcohol for 2 years, has a job and 2 trucks; My brother is in a recovery home now, and praise God I'm still in recovery.
Welch Tessa Lance Nelson, Bryson Dunn, June Baker, Baylee Scott, MJ, all sick kids, all marriages to be strengthened, military, police officers & 1st responders Teresa Bankston, Kathy Webb, Victims of human trafficking, all struggling with addictions, depression, abuse or divorce, pray for co-ed Sunday School - couples class - on Sunday mornings, for my husband to attend and get involved more and connect with others, my growth with Christ & my witness.
Billiot Pauline Prayer for Mark & Peggy; thank you for the meals for my son; prayer for Evelyn, she is still having back problems.
Hernandez Kent Pray for my Mom, my step dad, my brother, my children my grandbabies. All my family; all my little buddies family, my lil buddy, Mr. George Watson, and me too.
Glover Mary Pray for residents of North & South Carolina; Darin Glover - continual healing & restoration from brain surgery; Sharon Spell & Wagner Family - death of son Logan Wagner; Families of suicide victims, marriage, families, teenagers, school board, teachers, administrators and pastors.
Conly Kim Having surgery on kidney stint Friday the 21st.
Thompson Jolynne I was in a wreck and broke my hip - pray for healing
Gibson, Sr Todd Thank you for your prayers, they are working! Please continue to pray for restored health, restore my family to Jesus, wisdom and direction on business, job, SS, sell land and find a buyer.
Ivy Dylan Pray for Aunt who is awaiting test results that will reveal if she has a terminal illness and a sister who is expecting a baby in the coming days.
Krumholdt Chris Leaving to go work in Texas for a year and I won't see my 3 kids as much as I want to. Will be very hard.
Naquin Suzanne My friends daughter Braylynn, is 9 yrs old. And she has leukemia. Her mother’s name is Candy and her fathers name is James. Thank you very much❤️
Melson Eddie Please add Ruby Johnson, Patricia’s Mother, she’s getting ready to have colon surgery as soon as the medication will allow she is 83 years old still works 7 days a week as a caregiver and as soon as she can she has to have knee surgery so please keep her and Patricia in your prayers. I’ve missed the last 3 weeks because traveling on Sunday to get back home. Patricia is staying with her mother.
My granny is really working hard and I just want her to be happy
Sep 9
Gibson, Sr Todd Restore my health, restore my family to Jesus and pray for land to sell, restore business
Case Marilyn Rachel Crehan's mother, Roberta Petty has treatable cancer, not curable. It has moved into her bones, will need surgery to put rod in her arm, etc.
Galloway Jennifer Please pray Dalton & Jennifer can mend fences. Daelynn to be strong this 11th grade year, Maurice to come back to the Lord, kids to be strong in school and little Brock, all his issues.
Fairburn Kendra Claudia Coco - cancer
Kelley Debbie 4 year old granddaughter, Chloe Collins, father passed away and mother is in rehab. Please pray for God's protection and comfort for her and all the family and God's will for where she will stay.
Rizzuto Evelyn Can our church do an outreach at our Palmetto Springs Apt on Hartman Lane - people need a lift up. They have been going through a lot of things. The whole month of August everything at this complex has been going wrong. Pray for Palmetto Springs Apts - we had a grease fire - water & smoke etc. Everyone is fine, but stressed out. Pray for my niece, Joyce & Robert Begnaurd they were in a wreck over the weekend. Robert got hurt and they have no vehicle. Pray for my cousin Nancy Newman who is having bladder lift up Friday morning at St Tammany Hospital. Pray for Pauline Billiot, she's been having pain in her back.
Hernandez Kent My whole family, my little buddy, Mr. George Watson, all my friends and me too.
Johnston Jon & Zac & Julie Please pray for Edith Johnston, Jon's Mom - God is alive and well and worthy to be praised and I will praise Him.