Christ's Community Church
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Building up people for real life

Prayer List

Date Submitted by Request
Feb 18
McKee Kade For God to show me exactly what He wants for me and my life. For us to obey when He calls us there.
Billiot Pauline Pray for Mark & Peggy and they need some visits from our church. Peggy is in the Guest House (rm 306) and Mark is home alone which is very difficult from him. Mark is also still losing a lot of weight; keep the residents at Palmetto Springs Apt in prayer; pray for Evelyn too.
Rizzuto Evelyn Pray for Linda Sommers from Palmetto Springs Apts- she just got home from the hospital; also for Wanda David as she went to the hospital with blood pressure problems.
Lambert Sandra Pray for Tammy Vullo - 8330 Thistle St, DS, LA 70726; 225-993-4127
Welch Tessa Bryson Dunn, Baylee Scott, Hailey, Lance Nelson=healing; Rudy Lambert - comfort, direction, hope, faith; Paula Underwood, Teresa Bankston's Dad, all struggling with addictions, depression, abuse or divorce, military, homeless, orphans, victims of human trafficking, Mika Sibley, Jeff Pendleton Woody Booker, Joey Hernandez, Mariah who lost her father last; my anger at children's behavior in church, victims of school shootings & family.
Lovell Narda I'm at a crossroad in my life and need direction.
Clayton Mary Prayer for my brother, Ken who is having surgery to put drains in his right eye to attempt to save sight in it and will also remove a cataract.
Bankston Teresa My Dad, James Walls complete healing of his finger; his brother Johnny Walls - final days; my neighbor, Jane Repp - post breast cancer ow spot on skull she goes Tuesday to find out if it is cancer. She's very scared.
Bel Theresa My family is going through some difficult things right now, and prayers would be greatly appreciated. We are hurting. Thank you.
Tate Tami My daughter just got married and I'm afraid he's an alcoholic. He drinks and drives and I pray he doesn't hurt anyone.
Feb 4
Billiot Pauline Keep Mark in your prayers still awfully weak; Thank you for the prayers while I was in the hospital
Rizzuto Evelyn Pray for Priscilla Billiot's baby Isabella; pray also for Priscilla's finances; pray for Wanda David at Palmetto Springs Apt 28 is suffering with a lot of pain; Linda Sommers, Apt 18 having chest pains; Gary, Apt 10 has COPD is still in the hospital.
Jenkins Marcus In need of prayers for life decisions such as the Army goals to get there and after. Also prayers for financial help.
Baker Tara Please pray for my sister, Reanna. She recently moved in with us. She had a very bad home life and so much to work through. Pray for peace, strength, confidence, and wisdom for all of us.
Holder Teresa Pray for my son, Jeff Holder. He is a truck driver as he is stuck at a truck stop in Pennsylvania with the flu unable to drive.
Poe Johnathan Career change with current opportunity
Welch Tessa Bryson Dunn, Baylee Scott Hailey- healing; all sick in & out of St Jude, Lance Nelson- continued healing after chemo; Mika Sibley' military, orphan homeless, victims of human trafficking.
Bailey Susan Myrlon Scott Family for comfort after her death; healing for Evon Smith's mother, Teresa in ICU@ Lafayette General - very sick;
Johnson Debbie Still dealing with back pain.
Freeman Tammy Please keep praying for my marriage